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Welcome to
Adding Creativity CIC

Adding Creativity CIC is where we help you add value to your self and our community.

Services at @OneStonegrove Edgeware

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  • New KS1/KS2 Maths & English Club.
  • My Parents and I Sewing Club. 
  • Teens - Sewing Club Wednesday.


  • KS1/KS2 English and Math. Tuesday  for 5 to 11 years old @ 4 to 6 pm.​

  • My Parents and I Sewing Club - Wednesday. for 5 to 11 years old @  4 - 5 pm.

  • Teens  Sewing Club -  Wednesday. for 5 to 11 years old @  5 to 6 pm.

  • Adult  - 16+ Sewing Club - Wednesday @  6 pm to 8pm .

About Fashion Course

The Level 1/2 Fashion and Textiles course has been meticulously crafted to equip our students with the essential knowledge, skills, and insights required to pursue advanced studies or embark on a career within the Fashion Sector.

If you possess a strong affinity for fashion and aspire to hone your abilities, this course is tailor-made for you. Throughout the program, you will immerse yourself in OneStonegrove community network and can participate in exhibitions.

This comprehensive course spans a duration of one year, with classes scheduled once a week. It comprises a balanced blend of practical hands-on learning and theoretical instruction.


  1. Patterns Cutting 

    • Garment patterns

    • Commercial patterns

    • Trace patterns

    • Original patterns

    • Understanding pattern information

    • Choosing your own pattern

    • Basic alterations

  2. Tools and Equipment

  3. Fashion Fabrics

  4.  Seams

  5. Pattern Cutting Shaping and Controlling Fullness

  6. Garment Construction

    • Closings and Fastenings

    • Pockets

    • Facings

    • Sleeves

    • Collars

    • Cuffs and Openings

    • Waistbands

    • Hems

  7. Fashion Awareness 

  8. Fashion Photography/Social Media

  9. Female Bodies

  10. Female Trousers

  11. Introduction to Miniature scale design

  12. Introduction to Fitting and Grading (5 lessons)

  13. Final Project - Making a Coat 

Appointment Only 

Free Initial Assessment apply Terms and condition Applies  

Under 16 - £10 Group - £25 Private

Time         - Group 330pm 430 pm - (Not including Sewing Machine)

Over 16+  - £20 a session (Concession fee Available) 

Time         - 18:00 to 20: 00 pm (Not including Sewing Machine)

Location  - Edgeware @ OneStonegrove ; 5 Hayling Way, Edgware HA8 8BN


How to book a class:

Email :

WhatsApp : 07502058510

Sewing Machine Hire - Due to availability (£10)

Get to Know Us

Adding Creativity CIC its focused to support family. Our services and programs focuses on:

(1) Design innovative education platform that will inspire and promote eco living and (2) recycling of waste management within the textile, design, and technology production industry. We believe that by adding creativity and recycling will add empowerment to people mental wellbeing. People will have the knowledge and the ability to reuse a product repeatedly, which can have a huge impact on financial saving.


The company’s activities will provide benefit to 

  • The Sewing classes – Enrich young children and mothers/father/carers and grandparent, supporting and heritage culture of sewing and mending. Emigrants and ethnic minority from all religious group especially women; to help integration into United Kingdom  or work force, language, and culture.

  • Learners with disability such as Dyslexia and supporting different learning style.

  • Workshops – For unemployed and vulnerable adults and public.

  • The Shop – Students and public.

  • Exhibition – General public to raise awareness

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